Halifax’s Dome Nightclub launches revamp, faces criticism online

Halifax's The Dome Nightclub has received criticism online after it posted a new dress code on its Facebook page.
Halifax's The Dome Nightclub has received criticism online after it posted a new dress code on its Facebook page. The Dome Nightclub/Facebook

A popular Halifax nightclub is facing backlash after they posted a new dress code to their Facebook page on Thursday.

According to the Dome Nightclub’s post, prohibited items now include white sneakers, joggers, hoodies, cargo pants, bright coloured sneakers, plain white T-shirts, crocs, work boots and over-revealing clothing.

“You have spoken and we listened! We have upgraded our music content, safety and crowd,” the image posted online reads.

“Dress fashionably, smell fresh, be ladies and gentlemen and bring a smile!”

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The move has been criticized online, both on Facebook and Twitter.

‘A certain type of person’

Many commentators on the new guidelines have questioned what they view as an odd selection of pieces of clothing.

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Some have even argued that the new dress code discriminates against minorities.

“I wish people in general would boycott this racist venue,” said one person who shared the post.

Others who commented said that it specifically targets black Nova Scotians.

“Looks like a certain type of person they are trying to avoid entrance,” said one commenter.

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Management responds

Alex Elshimy, the new vice-president of The Dome Nightclub, says that the introduction of the dress code is part of a revamp for the nightclub.

According to Elshimy, The Dome had conducted a survey a few weeks ago that asked their customers how to improve their business.

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“Introducing a dress code was one of those things,” said Elshimy in an interview on Friday. “We’re acting on what the feedback says.”

He said that the dress code is not targeted at any minority group and that he just wants to make clear the line between a nightclub and a bar.

“I’m a minority myself,” Elshimy said. “Once they arrive they will see the difference,”

The dress code will be “strictly enforced” on Friday and Saturday nights at the Dome Nightclub and Cheers.