Manitoba RCMP charge 18-year-old after texting and driving caused serious crash

The car involved in a serious collision that left three injured. Handout / Manitoba RCMP

Manitoba RCMP are warning drivers about the dangers of texting and driving after a serious collision injured three on Monday.

A truck parked on the shoulder of Road 33 West in the RM of Stanley had been struck by a car.

Police said their investigation revealed that the driver and passenger of the truck had left the vehicle to try and capture a donkey that had escaped its pen.

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When they were returning to the truck and were about to get in, the driver noticed a car approaching quickly. The driver told RCMP he tried to alert the approaching car to slow down and avoid the truck.

The driver of the car didn’t notice and crashed into the truck, causing it to swing out and strike the passenger of the truck who was still standing outside. RCMP said the force of the impact threw him into the ditch. The 17-year-old passenger of the truck from the RM of Stanley suffered serious but non-life threatening injuries. The 47-year-old driver of the truck from Morden suffered minor injuries.

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The 18-year-old driver of the car from the RM of Stanley also suffered minor injures. RCMP said he had been texting while driving at the time of the crash and also had a suspended license. He faces a number of charges.

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“Distracted driving can have very serious consequences,” Tara Seel, RCMP Media Relations Officer said. “When you are driving, your sole focus should be on the task at hand. Driving is a big enough challenge that it should occupy your full attention.”

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