Hilton the celebrity great white appears to be ending his stay in N.S. waters

Hilton the shark is tagged by OCEARCH researchers. Courtesy of OCEARCH/R. Snow

A 600-kilogram great white shark that enthralled Nova Scotians for months as he cruised waters off the East Coast appears to be ending his northern sojourn.

A group tracking the 3.7-metre shark says he was heading out of Mahone Bay as of Monday, and asked his 17,200 Twitter followers, “Where do you think he’s going now?”

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The celebrity shark – tagged by the research group Ocearch in March in South Carolina – first appeared on Nova Scotia’s south shore in early August, charming locals with a wry Twitter feed chronicling his movements.

On Monday, Hilton offered up a cheeky Tweet to residents of a coastal Nova Scotia community, saying “What’s up East Berlin? Don’t mind me, just passing by!”

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The highly visible great white was in the area to feast on an abundance of seals, but gave some Nova Scotians the jitters and kept them out of the water.

His Twitter feed filled up with jokes, local food references and flirtations with other tagged sharks and even human Nova Scotians.

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