106 drivers ticketed for speeding in Saskatoon school zones

Saskatoon police hand out 106 tickets to drivers speeding in school zones. Dayne Winter / Global News

With students back in class, Saskatoon police are targeting drivers in school zones.

On Wednesday, the first day of a two-day enforcement initiative, officers ticketed 106 drivers for speeding through school zones.

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Another 23 people were charged with distracted driving and 26 tickets seat belt infraction tickets were issued.

Police said a total of 283 tickets were issued as part of the safety initiative.

The speed limit in Saskatoon school zones is 30 km/h, Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Police will be out again Thursday targeting speeders in school zones, along with distracted drivers and those making illegal U-turns.

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Photo radar is also set up in some school zones.

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Fines start at $210 for speeding in school zones, while making an illegal U-turn is $90.

Distracted drivers will be fined $280 along with losing four demerit points. A second distracted driving ticket within a one-year period could result in the vehicle being seized for seven days.

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