July is a busy month for sex — here’s how to have more of it

A new poll suggests people love to have sex in July, and on Saturdays in particular. Getty Images

You’d think the cold winter months where people are looking to huddle under a shared blanket would make it a popular season for sex, but one report suggests July is the month to get busy.

According to a recent survey by online British sex toy retailer Lovehoney, people have the most sex in July, followed by June and August, Refinery 29 reports.

The survey, which interviewed 2,000 participants, noted sex was popular in July for several reasons: the sun is considered an aphrodisiac, people take more vacations (which means having more sex), and the majority of respondents enjoy long summer nights.

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“Summer is here and we all feel a lot more optimistic when the sun is out. That is reflected in the heightened levels of sexual activity,” a Lovehoney spokesperson said in a statement.

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The survey also found December was the most popular winter month for sex, and November was the least popular, Shape reports. People were also more likely to have sex on a Saturday (after 7 p.m.), and have the least amount of it on Mondays.

Why July?

Relationship expert and couples’ therapist Nicole McCance says people in general tend to feel sexier in the summer.

“In the summertime, my clients tend to be happier and more active,” she tells Global News. “It would make sense we are more sexual when we are more confident.”

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Summer, she adds, also means less stress. People are more relaxed and lazy, and they generally feel better about themselves and the weather.

Below, McCance rounds up five ways you can keep sex interesting this summer.

Have a lazy naked weekend

Instead of going out, schedule a lazy naked weekend, McCance says. Open up the blinds, turn on the AC and enjoy multiple sex sessions in the comfort of your home. Don’t forget to change up locations, as well.

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Send more love notes

It’s not always about sex either, she says. Turn up the romance in your relationship by sending or leaving your partner hand-written love notes. Leave one in their lunch bag, gym bag or even on the kitchen counter.

Set up the scene

Summertime also means playing with your space. If you tend to only have sex in the bedroom, McCance suggests flipping pillows, changing sheets, lighting candles or just opening up windows to let the sun in. You can also experiment with massage oils with summer-friendly scents, like coconut, lilac or mango.

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Change locations

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should have sex in a public place, but if your backyard is secluded or you just happen to take a camping trip, try squeezing in some outdoor sex sessions.

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Keep cool

One thing you definitely can’t do without: a fan or air conditioning. McCance says when you’re feeling hot and sticky, you probably don’t want to let anyone get close to you. Keeping cool during warm months will keep you energized to have more sex in the long run.

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