Nova Scotia Tories drop candidate over social media posts

Click to play video 'Nova Scotia parties hit by candidacy withdrawals, resignations over online posts' Nova Scotia parties hit by candidacy withdrawals, resignations over online posts
WATCH ABOVE: Each of Nova Scotia’s three major parties have had a candidate withdraw or resign as a result of social media posts made online. Marieke Walsh tells us more – May 16, 2017

The Nova Scotia Progressive Conservatives have dropped Jad Crnogorac, their candidate in Dartmouth South, as a result of social media posts she made in the past.

The PCs announced the decision in a press release on Tuesday. The release does not make mention of any specific tweet.

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Here are some of the tweets made from her account.

She made fun of overeating, using the words that Eric Garner used when he was killed by police in the United States. His words were taken up by protesters after his death.

She made fun of the Black Entertainment Television Awards for not having any white nominees — the awards were set up to celebrate racial minorities who are traditionally sidelined in other award ceremonies.

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She posted a joke about women getting roofied, saying she needed a good laugh.

It was this tweet that PC Leader Jamie Baillie said made him decide to drop Crnogorac from the party.

“To me, making jokes about date rape or date rape culture, they’re not funny and they cross a line with me and my party and that’s why I made the decision I made,” Baillie told reporters early Tuesday evening.

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But Crnogorac said the PC leader’s reasoning makes her question his decision to oust her while fellow PC candidate Matt Whitman was defended after he made his own questionable social media posts.

“If that  crossed the line, why did Matt Whitman’s racism joke about Asians not cross the line,” she said in an interview with Global News.

Earlier in the campaign, Whitman had posted a video of a “Chinese fire drill,” something that several critics labelled as racist. Baillie said Tuesday that Whitman remained with the party because “he didn’t know his comments were offensive and as soon as he did he apologized” for the video.

However, Crnogorac expressed concern that Baillie did not reach out to her personally.

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“I don’t see this as a progressive group at all — it seems like it’s an old man’s club all over again,” Crnogorac said. “Matt Whitman, he wasn’t removed — he was talked to; he was asked why he said what he said. Jamie spoke to him [but] Jamie hasn’t reached out to me. Nobody has.”

Crnogorac is the third candidate to be dropped by their party during the campaign for posts they had previously made on their personal social media accounts. One candidate from each of the major parties has been now been ousted.

Liberal candidate Matt McKnight resigned after Global News asked the party about a tweet he posted nearly four years ago that made light of Down syndrome.

On Monday, NDP candidate  Bill McEwen resigned over a controversial blog he ran that depicted sexist and misogynistic comments.

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Click to play video 'Nova Scotia Liberal candidate removed for Down syndrome tweet' Nova Scotia Liberal candidate removed for Down syndrome tweet
Nova Scotia Liberal candidate removed for Down syndrome tweet – May 8, 2017

Crnograc said she is still considering whether to continue her campaign and added she felt that she was being held to a higher standard because of her gender.

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— With files from Marieke Walsh and Sean Previl, Global News