Donald Trump planned on giving Canada only 5 days’ notice of NAFTA withdrawal

Trump on NAFTA: will renegotiate or terminate deal
WATCH ABOVE: President Trump during a rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania said he will renegotiate NAFTA and possibly terminate it.

A published report says President Donald Trump planned to give Canada and Mexico five days notice that the U.S. intended to leave the North American Free Trade Agreement.

The Financial Times says it received a leaked draft executive order that Trump had originally planned to sign on Saturday before back-tracking and agreeing to renegotiate the trade pact.

A copy of the draft order posted online by the Financial Times says Canada has “continued to exploit the American dairy and lumber industries.”

The document blames NAFTA for a “massive transfer of wealth” from the United States, the loss of 700,000 jobs and a more than $1-trillion trade deficit with Mexico since the agreement was enacted in 1993.

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It also states NAFTA is responsible for “waves” of illegal immigration and the closure of “tens of thousands of factories and manufacturing establishments” in the U.S.

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On Thursday, Trump insisted he wasn’t bluffing about threatening to pull out of NAFTA, but said he had a change of heart during phone calls with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto.