Province approves extending Hamilton’s LRT to Eastgate Square

It appears Hamilton City Council will vote to move forward with the LRT project Wednesday evening.

Councillors Terry Whitehead and Tom Jackson both say they will support submitting the updated environmental assessment to the province which will allow the project’s timelines to move forward.

They join six other councillors who were solid LRT supporters prior to today.

Whitehead voiced his commitment after Ontario’s Transportation Minister announced the province will support the extension of the LRT line to Eastgate Square, rather than ending the line at the Queenston Traffic Circle.

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In a letter to Hamilton mayor Fred Eisenberger, Ontario Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca confirms “the province will work add the Eastgate extension to the current project scope and procurement.”

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Del Duca writes “this would be contingent upon Hamilton City Council support as well as the consideration of available funding to address any additional cost requirements, if necessary.”

The letter from Del Duca to the mayor also states, “the province will work with the city to explore ways to reduce costs to accommodate the extension within the original budget project.”

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Councillors have twice deferred the LRT’s amended environmental assessment.

City staff had indicated that if the assessment was not approved soon, the 2019 deadline to start construction would be at risk.

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Hamilton mayor Fred Eisenberger’s letter to Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca.
Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca’s letter to Hamilton mayor Fred Eisenberger.

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