Manitoba petting farm getting in on goat yoga craze

WINNIPEG – It may not look like your regular yoga studio, but a new trend is bringing Manitobans to a petting farm for their fitness class.

Goat yoga combines the classic stretches with the animals – including baby goats.

The trend is taking off around North America and Manitoba petting farm owner Tara McKean from 10 Acre Woods wanted to jump on board.

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“It’s great for the soul,” said McKean. “You’re doing it with baby goats running around, farm animals – the pigs and the sheep. You get the benefits of yoga with the added benefits of nature.”

Rhianna Friesen tried the class and loved combining her passions of yoga and animals.

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“The animals are all around you, you can kind of be in a pose and be interacting with them while you’re getting a great stretch, it was awesome.”

Friesen said part of the challenge is focusing on the moves while being distracted by the animals.

“It took some getting used to because you’re not used to being in a pose and feeling a little furry thing coming up behind you. It was great, they’re so cute.”

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The pigs, chickens, goats and birds on the farm are also all rescue animals.

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“It benefits them as much as the humans that are coming in. These animals have been neglected, they’ve been left behind,” said McKean. “We bring them in and raise them and teach them social skills so it works hand in hand with the benefits of the humans.”

People can find the goat yoga classes on the farm’s website.