N.B. man crowned Canada’s top goose caller may be heading to world championships

WATCH ABOVE: Wowing the judges with his life likes series of goose honks, clucks and hick ups – it took Ernie Richardson of Sackville more than a decade to dig deep into his diaphragm to come up with a win. Global’s Shelley Steeves reports.

A Sackville, N.B. man has been crowned Canada’s number one goose caller by wowing the judges at the N.B. Sportman Show in early April and is now hoping to make it to the world stage.

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Ernie Richardson said he had to practice calling geese in the marsh for more than a decade to dig deep into his diaphragm to come up with a win.

“It really does just hit a button for me to be out there talking to them, having them respond,” Richardson said.

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The avid hunter who has loved nature since he was knee high to a duck, started calling on gaggles of geese about 10 years ago. He said it’s taken him that long to master the series of honks, clucks and moans that, to a goose, pretty well mean the same thing.

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“This is the spot. Come here for food,” he explained.

Richardson uses a goose call to belt out his array of sounds.

“You are bringing it up from you diaphragm, it is like you are fogging up a window and then you are using your tongue to snap the note off,” he said.

Richardson said there’s the honk, the cluck and the drawn out moan.

“Then you have the ‘murr murr,’  that there you will hear in the field they will be feeding along, ‘murr murr murr.”

Richardson hits the marsh at least once a week.  Right now, he’s practicing hoping to raise enough money to go the world goose calling competition coming up this fall in the U.S.

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“There are people coming over from New Zealand, the [United] States, Canada, you name it,” he said.

Asked about the possibility of representing Canada on the world stage: “Words can’t describe it”

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