More and more millennials are getting Botox: Dermatologists

Click to play video: 'More millennials getting Botox for ‘preventative’ measures'
More millennials getting Botox for ‘preventative’ measures
WATCH: Local plastic surgeon talks about rise in Botox among millennials – Mar 3, 2017

WINNIPEG — At 23-years-old, Carly Crosbie says she has no regrets getting Botox.

“I’ve had lip injections about six times,” Crosbie said.

Crosbie was 21-years-old when she had her first procedure and said social media had an influence on her decision to book the appointment.

“I think it influences me a lot to be honest. Everywhere you look there’s girls who look absolutely perfect- no wrinkles, nothing,” Crosbie said.

She said she knows other women her age who have also gone under the knife, often more than once. As a server she’s met several other women in their 20’s who have had similar procedures, specifically lip injections.

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According to dermatologists, Crosbie is a part of a big trend of women and men who are influenced by social media to get this kind of work done.

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“If you look at this age group, they are social media environmentals,” Dr. Earl Minuk said.

“They’re bringing in pictures, they’re influenced by what they see on TV.”

Dr. Minuk says sometimes their expectations can be a little unrealistic, often comparing themselves to celebrities who have millions of dollars of work done.

“The problem is Kim Kardashian might have three syringes or three or four times the amount of product in her lips than what the individual in my office might be willing to spend to receive,” Dr. Minuk said.

But no matter what your age, Dr. Minuk stresses the importance of doing research and knowing the side-effects before getting any kind of procedure.

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