Vancouver anti-bullying conference begins a month after Amanda Todd’s suicide

VANCOUVER – An anti-bullying conference on how to cope with bullying and reduce its impact is planned for today in Vancouver just over a month after 15-year-old Amanda Todd’s suicide.

Todd died after posting a YouTube video documenting what happened after she was sexually exploited on the Internet and then bullied.

Her death has prompted the B.C. and federal governments to look more closely at the issue of bullying, with the province planning the conference as part of its Erase Bullying summit.

The conference will include an update on the strategy and remarks from the premier, as well as presentations about the role of bystanders, cyberbullying and how to create inclusive schools.

Premier Christy Clark will also be inviting Twitter users to discuss the issue with a special Twitter account and hash tag.

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Late last month, justice and public safety minister’s from across Canada formed a working group to find ways to combat cyber bullying.

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