October 3, 2016 4:00 pm
Updated: October 3, 2016 4:54 pm

Kim Kardashian robbery: Tweets from France show a different story

Parisians say the robbery of Kim Kardashian at gunpoint in her luxury Paris residence is unfortunate, if uninteresting.


By now, everyone with an internet connection is likely aware of Kim Kardashian‘s latest Parisian ordeal.

Last night, the reality star was held at gunpoint in her husband’s private residence in Paris’s posh 8th district and robbed of an estimated $10 million worth of jewelry. An outpouring of support from friends and fans quickly spread across Twitter.

However, not all comments were empathetic. An overwhelming majority of French tweets regarding the event were negative, proving that Kardashian’s star doesn’t shine bright enough to cast light across the Atlantic.

Translation: Kim Kardashian fans, you’re freaks. You’d think we locked up your mother and stole your money.

Translation: This morning, I didn’t know who Kim Kardashian was. This evening, I’ll wish I never knew. Tomorrow, I’ll have forgotten.

Translation: By all accounts, Robin Hood robbed Kim Kardashian. Put the Rescue Rangers on the case, Chip ‘n Dale.

Translation: Kim Kardashian you came to Paris and you were assaulted? Who invited you?

Translation: Sad news: Kim Kardashian was robbed. Excellent news: Kanye West had to cancel a concert.

Translation: Serves you right, Kim Kardashian. You got the evil eye by being a bad person.

Translation: Kim Kardashian. This is what happens when you show off your wealth.

Translation: Kim Kardashian is NOTHING. She doesn’t exist. She has zero talent, 0 degrees [of importance] on TV. Bravo to those who reduced her to less than she already was.

Translation: Kim Kardashian, you’ve made me cry. You were robbed of a few million [dollars] in jewels when you earn more than 52 [million dollars] a year. It’s really sad.

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Translation: Nothing that would eat at Kim Kardashian would make me sad. She is the Antichrist.

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The underlying criticism of the (at times unkind) tweets is aimed at Kardashian’s unabashed wealth. It also shows that the reality star — largely decried for having no discernible talent — isn’t revered simply for being famous in Europe. Not quite the same story as her American fame.

Interestingly, the majority of tweets discussing the event are from English, French and Spanish-language accounts, which goes to further prove that most of the world outside of North America is oblivious to her.

Once Kardashian gave her statement to police this morning, reports state that she left the private residence in a convoy comprised of two vans and a police escort that “blew through red lights” on the way to the airport, where she boarded a private jet. Upon her return in New York, she was surrounded by an impressive security detail that counted 15 to 20 guards in addition to NYPD officers. (Some people claimed that even U.S. President Barack Obama has less security.)

Here’s hoping France’s Twitter community doesn’t hear about it. It’s unlikely 140 characters would be enough to contain their rage.


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