Alberta professor suspended without pay after anti-Semitic content posted to his Facebook page

University of Lethbridge ‘actively engaged’ in alleged anti-Zionist post by professor
WATCH ABOVE: The University of Lethbridge says they are actively engaged with an issues regarding one of their professors that stems from claims of the alleged spread of conspiracy theories and anti-Zionist propaganda. Global’s Matt Battochio explains.

The University of Lethbridge confirms one of its professors has been suspended without pay “pending the outcome of an internal investigation into possible violations of the Human Rights Act.”

The university issued the statement on Wednesday.

Last week, the university confirmed it was “actively engaged” in an issue regarding one of its professors that stems from claims of the alleged spread of conspiracy theories and anti-Zionist propaganda.

The issue that was under investigation by the Lethbridge Police Service was an anti-Semitic image and comment that was posted to professor Anthony Hall’s Facebook page.

The post said in part: “Kill all Jews now. Every last one.” But the post was not by Anthony Hall; it was created under the account name of Glenn Davidson.

Police have not laid charges in the matter and issued a statement Wednesday, which read in part:

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“The investigation determined the post, while extremely offensive and inappropriate, does not meet the threshold for intent set out in the Criminal Code of Canada for advocating genocide or public incitement of hatred… No criminal charges were laid.”

Hall, who hosts a weekly YouTube program called False Flag Weekly News, addressed the comment that appeared on his page earlier this month.

“Somebody put it on my Facebook page,” Hall said in his Sept. 16 False Flag Weekly News show. “And the content is appalling, and I do condemn the content of that post.”

The YouTube program promotes the idea of Global Zionist conspiracy.

In a separate YouTube video, Hall shows his support of an “open debate” on the Holocaust.

Last week, the university said it was looking into the situation surrounding Hall and released a statement Wednesday that read in part:

“The university recognizes the serious nature of these concerns and can confirm that we are actively engaged with this issue. As an employer however, the university is bound by privacy obligations and cannot provide specific commentary or details on any human resource action undertaken with regards to any employee of the university.”

Hall, who teaches Globalization Studies at the University, is also the editor of the website American Herald Tribune. The website released a story this week saying that the University of Lethbridge has asked Hall to step down.

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On Thursday, Global News asked the university if it did indeed ask Hall to step down, but no comment was given.

Global News did speak to Hall but but he referred to his YouTube video as his statement following his suspension.

Here is Wednesday’s full statement from the University of Lethbridge regarding Hall’s suspension:

“As has been publicly noted by Dr. Anthony Hall and subsequently reported by numerous media outlets, the University of Lethbridge can confirm that Dr. Hall has been suspended without pay by the University of Lethbridge pending the outcome of an internal investigation into possible violations of the Human Rights Act. The University has suspended Dr. Hall in accordance with the Post-Secondary Learning Act of the Province of Alberta. Dr. Hall has been removed from contact with students.
The Faculty of Arts and Science Dean’s Office has reassigned all classes led by Dr. Hall. As well, any graduate students supervised by Dr. Hall have been assigned a new faculty supervisor to ensure there is no disruption to the academic program of students. Students affected by this decision have been notified of this change already.
As there is an investigation, the University will not provide any additional commentary at this time.”

-With files from Phil Heidenreich.