6-year-old girl’s ‘unicorn hair’ making waves online

Lyra Thomaston, 6, from Florida modelling her new "unicorn" hair. Mary Thomaston's Facebook

A Florida mom has ignited a debate online after she posted photos of her six-year-old daughter on social media with colourfully dyed hair.

Mary Thomaston, a hair stylist in Panama City Beach, coloured her daughter Lyra’s hair to what she calls a “teal unicorn” hue with purple and yellow patches – a decision the mom says was her daughter’s idea, Today reports.

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“She’s been asking me to do it for a while,” says Thomaston. “I was nervous she would be one of those kids who freaked out afterwards, but she definitely wasn’t. She was excited.”

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Because Lyra’s hair was already blonde, bleaching wasn’t needed beforehand, Thomaston explained to Kidspot.

Since posting photos on her Instagram and Facebook accounts of the finished product, most of the comments Thomaston has received have been positive.

“She’s so lucky to have you as a mom,” wrote _sprinklezzz on Instagram. “You’re teaching her far more than a mother that loves her, but a mother that allows her child to be herself. She’s going to look back at pictures when she’s older as inspiration. There is no limit on greatness. You go mama.”


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“Looks so good,” wrote happyashcanbe. “I bet all little girls would want (coloured) hair if they could have it.”

“This is adorable!” wrote deathcareforcayleigh. “I love your comment about raising confident children! Keep on doing your thing.”

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But that didn’t stop others from expressing their concerns.

“Some people are saying I’m poisoning her by putting these toxic chemicals on her scalp,” Thomaston says to Today. “I’m not. It’s (a product called) Manic Panic. It’s non-toxic; it’s not harmful. It’s basically a super, highly pigmented conditioner. I’m not going to harm my child.”

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Thomaston says the colour will wash out of her daughter’s hair.

“She wasn’t harmed in the process,” Thomaston reassured followers on her Instagram. “Just putting that out there since some people seem to be having a hard time with me (colouring) my child’s hair. It’s hair … It’ll grow back!”

According to the Manic Panic website, their hair colouring products are a vegan semi-permanent dye strengthened with conditioners that add moisture and act as hair filler. The company assures there are no chemicals, is gentle on the hair and will usually wash out in four to six weeks.

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