The precious pugs of Global News

Melissa Gilligan's pug, Stella. Global News / Melissa Gilligan

No one gets pampered quite like the typical household pup. Whether mischievous, maternal or downright lazy, we can’t help but love our dogs! This month, we discovered a few of Global News’ furriest family members. Get to know them better below.

Melissa Gilligan and her pug, Stella

My pug Stella is almost three years old. She enjoys taking long walks, lying in the sun and barking at horses on television. Her favourite treat is fresh apple, but peanut butter is a close second. Her best friend is Doug, another pug. A fan of the Calgary Flames, Stella loves sitting on my husband’s lap while we watch hockey.

Melissa Gilligan is an Online Journalist with Global Calgary.

Jordan Witzel’s pugs, Marli & Benson

Jordan Witzel’s pug, Marli.
Jordan Witzel’s pug, Benson. Jordan Witzel

Our black pug Marli is nine years old and she’s a real mom. She has an instinct to stay close when someone in the family is sick, she is also super protective and thinks she’s bigger than she actually is. She loves camping and hates living in the city!

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Our fawn pug is Benson, she’s 11. I got her to help me propose to my wife; I put the ring around her neck. Benson’s a grump, old and wise. She has no teeth and she can’t hear anymore. At this point, her tongue constantly hangs from her mouth.

Jordan Witzel is a Meteorologist at Global Calgary.

Mike Drolet’s pug, Marmaduke

Mike Drolet’s pug, Marmaduke.

This is Marmaduke. He’s nine years old yet cranky as a teenager. Floors aren’t good enough for him so he looks for a couch, then the pillow on said couch and if he’s really lucky, a blanket on the pillow on the couch. Then he lies in such a way that you think he’s assaulting it. Yeah, it’s odd. Then he snores louder than me. You may have seen him on Global National before; he’s made roughly a dozen appearances.

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Mike Drolet is Global National’s Toronto Correspondent.

Carmela Gentile and her pug, Puck

Carmela Gentile’s pug, Puck.

This is Puck. She’s eight weeks old and just uttered her first bark. She loves chewing shoes, pants, blankets and just about anything she can get her paws on. Her favourite thing is to snuggle into her human’s heads to sleep. She thinks she’s pretty clever when crying at the top of her lungs and keeping everyone awake at night.

Carmela Gentile is the Managing Editor at Global Calgary.