OSPCA refuses to discuss findings into discovery of dead animals on Ontario farm

OSPCA concludes investigation into discovery of dozens of dead animals on West Grey farm
WATCH ABOVE: OSPCA concludes investigation into discovery of dozens of dead animals on West Grey farm

Melissa Brown is still traumatized by what she found after moving to a West Grey County rental farm in February.

“It was devastating,” she said. “I`ve grown up on a farm my whole entire life and I have never, ever, ever seen the amount of dead that I found here.”

When the snow melted in March she discovered dozens of animal bodies and skeletons.

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At the time, the previous tenant insisted the animals were either killed to eat, or died of natural causes.

The list included 15 baby goats, at least one horse, a sheep and calves.

Brown said at first the OSPCA ignored her calls.

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Then, when the investigator did show up, he did not take photos or remove any remains for autopsies, according to Brown.

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The OSPCA has now released its findings.

“Based on the evidence brought forth and our extensive investigation, the Society had no grounds to proceed with any charges in this case,” Alison Cross, Director of Marketing and Communications for the Ontario SPCA said in an emailed statement.

When Global News requested an interview, Cross suggested emailing questions.

Global News tried again for an interview and the OSPCA sent the same statement again.

“Did your investigation include photographing the bodies or any kind of autopsies/post mortem?” was the question sent to the OSPCA.

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The response was a shortened version of the same statement.

When the same question was posed, the same statement was sent again.

Even when it was presented as a yes or no question, the OSPCA responded with the same statement.

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Brown found the society’s findings hard to believe.

“It’s ridiculous, completely ridiculous,” she said.

“What do they get paid for? If you`re not going to protect animals, then what are you doing?”

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The woman who left the remains behind declined to speak on camera.

When asked for her reaction to the OSPCA finding no wrongdoing, Debra White responded, “I already told you that. That’s all I have to say.”

She said she did have a problem “a long time ago” and requested that the news crew leave.

White was investigated by the OSPCA in 2013 for allegedly neglecting horses.

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No charges were laid then either.

Ultimately an independent horse rescue, concerned for the animals’ welfare, purchased them.

Now the same people, cleared twice by the OSPCA, own more animals.