Like mother like son: Donald Trump’s mom’s hair grabs Internet’s attention

A screengrab of Donald Trump’s late mother Mary surfaced recently and has been causing a stir on Twitter.

The picture is from an interview Mary Trump conducted with Foxtel in 1997 which was recently re-aired in Australia as part of a documentary entitled “Who Is Donald Trump?

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Mary Trump’s hair is swept over to one side and the resemblance to her son is pretty clear.

In the video, Mary Trump ironically reportedly says, “I don’t think the life of a politician would suit him. He’s too used to doing things his way and doing them right,” according to the New Daily.

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Of course, given how controversial a figure the Republican presidential candidate is these days, Twitter users have been pretty savage in comparing his mother to a character from a sci-fi film.

A whole host of other Twitterers are posting comparison photos.

Others are using the pic as a way to simply explain Trump’s oft-discussed hairstyle.

One man even took time to give her mane a name.

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