New valet service at Granville Island – for bikes

Mon, Jul 25: A bike valet service is being offered to help deal with the large number of bike thefts on Vancouver's Granville Island. Catherine Urquhart has details.

A new program on Vancouver’s Granville Island is offering a bike valet service to help deal with the large amount of bike thefts.

The area is known as one of the worst spots in the city for bicycle thefts.

“For the summer we have a free bike valet seven days a week, through Labour Day. So you can ride your bike down here and park in a monitored parking area,” said Lisa Ono with Granville Island.

The free service was used by about 100 people on its first day.

“Fantastic, I wish it was everywhere in Vancouver,” said a woman registering her bike.

Ono said the valet service is just one of the initiatives they’ve taken to help prevent theft.

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“We also increased the number of bike racks that we have on Granville Island and the visibility of those racks,” added Ono.

As part of the crackdown police have also placed “bait bikes.” They say they will be increasing their presence in the area as part of their efforts.

— With files from Catherine Urquhart