Calgary businesses and tourist attractions take advantage of Pokemon craze

Click to play video: 'Pokemon Go craze comes to Calgary' Pokemon Go craze comes to Calgary
WATCH: Although some Calgary businesses and tourist spots may not been keen on the influx of Pokemon Go players accessing their establishment, others are taking advantage of the game in hopes of attracting customers. Online Reporter Melissa Gilligan has details – Jul 22, 2016

With the recent release of Pokemon Go in Canada, dozens of iconic Calgary landmarks and tourist attractions are seeing plenty of players eager to catch ’em all.

While some businesses may not relish the action, others are taking advantage of the Pokemon craze, which could potentially help attract patrons.

Donegal Irish Pub, for example, has begun posting pictures of Pokemon perched on tables and bars.

The pub boasts it’s a Pokemon Gym, where trainers can battle each other.

Meanwhile, Bumpy’s Café in downtown Calgary took to Twitter on Tuesday to encourage players to grab a coffee at their location before hunting for Pokemon.

Eager players have be seen catching Pokemon at iconic Calgary locations like Prince’s Island Park, the Calgary Tower, East Village and St. Patrick’s Island.

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The Calgary Zoo, which is home to several PokeStops and a PokeGym, used Facebook to ask players to be respectful of other patrons.

A spokesperson with Heritage Park, meanwhile, said they have plenty of PokeStops on site, which visitors are accessing.

Travel Alberta, meanwhile, is hosting a Pokemon Journey on Saturday. The event, which sold out in less than an hour, will see trainers tour Calgary and try to catch as many Pokemon as they can.

The organization has also created a Tumblr page showcasing popular tourist sites across Alberta where Pokemon can be caught.

If you’re fan of the game, a Pokemon Go Calgary Twitter account has been created to bring local players together.

For a map of PokeStops and Pokegyms in Calgary you can check out Google Maps or Pokémon Go Map YYC

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