City of Coquitlam mulls over banning e-cigarettes in outdoor spaces

Christophe Ena/The Associated Press

The staff at the City of Coquitlam has put forward a report to council about banning e-cigarettes in outdoor spaces.

The report suggests banning e-cigarettes at transit shelters, parks, places of public assembly, customer service areas like restaurant patios and places of employment.

That’s in addition to the provincial regulation set to come into effect this September that prohibits the use of e-cigarettes in public buildings, public vehicles and workplaces.

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Additionally, the amended provincial legislation will restrict the retail display and sale of e-cigarettes and vapour products in the same manner as tobacco products.

The legislation will also increase the “buffer zone” around doorways, air intakes and open windows in which smoking is prohibited. The minimum will increase from three metres to six metres.

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These amendments are designed to treat e-cigarettes and vapour products in the same manner as conventional tobacco products.

E-cigarettes are battery-operated devices that do not contain tobacco but can be used to heat a liquid, creating a vapour that users inhale.

The report says the city updated its “no smoking” signage at its facilities to include a reference to e-cigarettes in 2015.

The proposed amendments will require owners and operators of buildings, customer service areas, strata common areas and vehicles for hire to ensure their “no smoking” signs are also appropriately updated to reflect the broadened regulations.

Staff will report back to Council in September with any comments Fraser Health may provide in order to move the new bylaw towards final adaptation in conjunction with the provincial changes coming into force September 1.

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