Ramsey of ‘Big Brother Canada’ talks Maddy, and thanks fans for their support

Click to play video: '‘No-brainer I had to be with my family’'
‘No-brainer I had to be with my family’
WATCH: Ramsey of 'Big Brother Canada' talks to 'The Morning Show.' – May 10, 2016

Ramsey Aburaneh, the Big Brother Canada houseguest who had to abruptly leave the BBCAN Grand after his father became ill and required surgery, has absolutely no regrets.

Toronto native Aburaneh made it quite far into the game, and he ultimately made the choice of family over the possibility of winning $100,000 and the BBCAN crown.

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Global News spoke to Aburaneh about his relationship with Maddy, his newfound respect for Cassandra’s game, and how he can’t thank Big Brother Canada fans enough.

Global News: First and foremost, how are you? And how is your father?
Ramsey Aburaneh: My dad will be released from the hospital on Wednesday. It’s been amazing. The fans have really helped him stay positive. Thank you to the fans for sending in so much support and positivity, because that honestly got my dad through some of the tough times. I know it sounds cliché, but it really helped.

Does it feel like a lifetime or like yesterday since you left Big Brother Canada?
Had I not left for the reasons I left, I think it would have felt like yesterday. But so much has happened since I left, it feels like forever.

Have you been watching the show?
Oh, yeah. I’m watching very much! I’m doing my best to keep up with everything since I left, though I haven’t watched any of the episodes before I left the house. I’m very active on Twitter and I keep it updated. I have my opinions, and at the end of the day my vote went to Canada, so I’m ready to make it known who I would vote for.

What have you been thinking as you’ve been watching?
I think everyone has been equally going for it, but I was very surprised to learn about Cassandra. She wants this. Go girl, good for you. I like seeing someone fight for something they want. I don’t think she’ll make it to the final three. I think this is her week to leave.

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You think she’s going to be evicted over Tim?
I do. I think the brothers in power… I don’t know how the other houseguests feel, but I think they see and sense that Cassandra is a very strong player. If she gets to the end, she has the strongest case to win this game. If I was in the house, I would be gunning for her.

Do you plan on keeping in touch with Maddy after the show?
Yeah, of course. I’m going to keep in touch with everybody after the show. I’m not going to keep in touch with her more than anybody else, but yeah, I’m excited for what’s next, to build my relationships with every houseguest.

So that romance was just for the show?
There was a lot of strategy involved in it. Obviously, I care about Maddy a lot, she’s such a caring person… but there was a lot of strategy. Regardless of what happens, people are always going to look at Maddy as the “bad cop, good cop” kind of thing.

On some level, do you think Maddy was misunderstood?
Yes. At the same time, people understand that she’s a firecracker, and she’s very short with people. I tried my very best to help her stay more anchored. But I think a big factor is her age. She’s younger, I’m older, and I think I’m a lot more patient.

If you were ever given the chance — and this is hypothetical — to return to the Big Brother Canada house in an upcoming season, would you take it?
If given the opportunity, I would love to go back for a future season. The week that I left was the week I had to step up in the game, and I stepped up. Now it’s always going to be a question mark, and I’d like to put an end to that.

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