First ever Secular conference in Saskatchewan shares message: “to each their own”

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Shift to Reason hosts first Secular Conference in Saskatchewan. – Apr 30, 2016

REGINA – ‘Shift to Reason’ is Saskatchewan’s first secular conference, and the almost 150 attendees want the public to know that they are not here to bash anyone’s religion. For them, the main message, is ‘to each their own.’

David Richards was in attendance and is well known to others at the conference.

He is currently spreading a petition asking Premier Wall to remove Catholic prayer from legislature, stating that church and state should be separate.

” [I am] taking Mr. Wall at his word. He said the reason that [prayer] is still in there is because no one has asked it not to be,” Richards said.
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So, he is asking.

He claims that since the government is representing all people, it is inappropriate to include specific religious beliefs. The petition has been signed by a variation of believers.

“Christians don’t want the government telling them how to worship in their faith either,” Richards said.

He admits that he once was of Christian faith, but for the last nine years has been part of the secular community.

His opinion on this has not changed over the years, stating that even some Christians feel that by choosing a specific passage to cite in legislature is partisan to that specific corner of the Christian community, leaving others out.

Instead, he would like to see the legislature have a moment of silence to replace verbal prayer. That way all members and or viewers can do as they like.

One poster in the room read,

‘ If prayer worked, there would be no need for 9-1-1’ [ Block Words]

The self-proclaimed brainstorming event was a combination of secular, and atheist believers, plus some who were simply curious.

Dusti Hennenfent has been fighting to remove church from state as well.

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She wants the Lord’s prayer removed from public elementary schools in Moose Jaw.

She was told by school officials that her two children could either not say the prayer, or physically move to the hallways while it is broadcast.

But children will be children, and she is scared this will encourage bullying.

” I don’t think that that’s a decision that children should have to make, to protest on a daily basis in front of their peers and teachers everyday for up to nine years,” Hennenfent said.

She claims public schools should be free of religious partisans. Those who wish to pray can still do so on their own time, but for those who don’t practice they don’t truly have an option to opt out.

“My public tax dollars pay for a separate school system, they pay for a religious school within the public school system. I should have a prayer free secular option for my children other than home schooling.”

Despite her loud voice to school and school board officials, Moose Jaw has just approved another public school to begin reciting daily prayer.

Richards and many in attendance at the first ‘Shift to Reason’ conference in Saskatchewan will be hand delivering their petition to the legislature Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m.


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