Manitoba Election 2016: River Heights riding

Summary: Longtime Liberal MLA Jon Gerrard will seek re-election for a fifth term. If he isn’t re-elected it will be the first time in 17 years the riding wasn’t held by a Liberal. This riding is the only riding with a Liberal incumbent.

Boundaries: River Heights has the riding of Tuxedo to the west, Fort Whyte and Fort Garry – Riverview to the south, Fort Rouge to the west and Wolseley to the north. The Assiniboine River follows the northern boundary, Lanark Street marks the western border and Taylor Avenue runs along the southern. Wilton and Guelph Streets run along the eastern edge of the riding.

Last Election: Current Liberal MLA Jon Gerrard took the win with 45 per cent of the votes with Marty Morantz representing the Progressive Conservatives hot on his heels with 32 per cent.

History: The River Heights riding has been a Liberal stronghold since 1999 when Jon Gerrard was first elected. From 1958 to 1986 the riding was held by the PCs,


NDP: Shafagh Daneshfar

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Progressive Conservative: Tracey Maconachie,  president of Life Science Association of Manitoba

Liberal: Jon Gerrard, incumbent MLA

Green: Michael Cardillo, soil scientist

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