Man’s Fitbit records the exact moment he is dumped

Forget working out - turns out breakups might be good for your heart. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Fitness and activity trackers are undoubtedly one of the most commonly used wearable tech items on the consumer market, thanks to the devices’ ability to track everything from the calories we burn in a day to how we are sleeping — and, evidently, how our bodies react to heartbreak.

On  Tuesday, Fitbit user Koby Soto tweeted a picture showing how his fitness tracker picked up the exact moment his boyfriend broke up with him.

“Breakup, as captured by my Fitbit,” he tweeted, along with a screenshot showing the spike in his heart rate.

In fact, according to the Fitbit app, Soto’s breakup registered as a fat-burning cardio workout. According to another screenshot the user shared, the device registered the next hour and 32 minutes of his turmoil as a fat-burning workout.

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Soto’s tweet has since gone viral, garnering over 1,600 retweets, over 2,00 likes and a few news articles.

“My post being viral is a little scary & embarrassing, yet funny. Thx for all the support and hugs. You are fabulous, and I am very much ok,” he tweeted Thursday.

But, according to reports, Soto’s reaction was completely normal.

“Times of emotional trauma can activate your sympathetic nervous system, leading to the fight-or-flight response and the resulting [elevated pulse rate],” Dr. Brad McKay told Mashable.

According to his screenshots, Soto’s Fitbit registered his average resting heart rate at 65 beats per minute (BPM). However, his heart rate spiked above 88 BPM around the time of his breakup and spiked to nearly 120 BPM in the hours following — likely when he was thinking about the breakup.

Many of Soto’s followers have found the silver lining in this break-up story. Ironically, breakups might actually be good for your heart.

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“So breakups are healthy for your heart :) no need for extra cardio,” tweeted one user.

“Killer workout though,” wrote another.

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