Facebook post saluting struggling moms goes viral

Australian "mommy blogger" Constance Hall has yet another inspiring message for mothers everywhere - don't give up on yourself. Courtesy of Constance Hall

Australian “mommy blogger” Constance Hall has yet another inspiring message for mothers everywhere – don’t give up on yourself.

In a Facebook post, the blogger saluted moms for taking time for themselves while juggling motherhood. The message has since gone viral, resonating with thousands of users around the world.

“To the woman at the park, looking at her phone, ignoring her children, I salute you. For not giving into the public perception that you should be switched on, 24 hours a day,” she wrote.

“To the woman with piles of dishes and washing who walks straight out the door for a coffee at her friends, I salute you. Being a good mum or wife or human does NOT mean spending eternity cleaning your house.”

Warning: This post contains strong language

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The post – which has been shared over 120,000 times – discusses a wide range of issues mothers deal with on a daily basis – from balancing a social life to postpartum depression.

“As a mother of 8, I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to read your words and think… hey, I’m not a failure,” said one Facebook commenter.

Even those without children are celebrating the blogger’s point of view.

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“I am not a mum, but I stumbled across your page [and] it was pure joy. A refreshing change from the “show house” handmade mum! The mum i want to be.”

This isn’t the first time one of Hall’s posts has gone viral.

Earlier this month, a post she crafted on so-called “parent sex” went viral because of its honest take on how romance can sometimes be hampered by busy lives.

“You know what parent sex is, it’s that 3.5 minutes you get in between changing nappies and making food,” she wrote.

On Tuesday, the blogger also shared an image of herself in her underwear, proudly showing off her post-baby body and encouraging other women to celebrate theirs using the hashtag #likeaqueen.


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