This week on Focus Montreal:Dec. 5

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Take a look at who we’re meeting this week on Focus Montreal:

Impact Academy player gives back

Quebecers are digging deep to help the wave of Syrian refugees on their way to this province.

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 At least 7,300 are expected to enter Quebec over the next year.

Over the past few weeks agencies that have been setting up to the help have been inundated with donations.

 Beyond these gestures many Quebecers are stepping up to share their personal immigration stories and reaching out to help these new arrivals.

Global Montreal’s Senior Anchor Jamie Orchard speaks to Nevello Yoseke, a young player with the Impact’s FC Montreal soccer team, about his journey to Canada as a refugee and how he’s now giving back to help Syrians.

Dying with Dignity: Bill 52

Quebec is prepared to go to court after its controversial euthanasia law was struck down this week.

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On Tuesday, Quebec Superior Court judge Michel Pinsonnault suspended the law, called Dying With Dignity, which was supposed to take effect Dec. 10.

The judge rejected an injunction request by the Montreal-based Coalition of Physicians for Social Justice.

Instead he ordered the law be suspended, because some sections of it contradict Canada’s criminal code.

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard, a former doctor, denied that the Dying with Dignity law is about euthanasia.

Dr. Paul Saba, who filed the injunction this week, insists if there were better and more accessible palliative care in this province, we would have no need for a law allowing lethal injections.

Old Brewery Mission tackles homelessness

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Local business leaders are teaming up to raise funds for the Old Brewery Mission.

Ant they’re thinking big, with a hefty goal of $55 million over the next five years. So far, they’re right on track.

The mission has already received $14  million in private donations and the hope is that all three levels of government will also chip in.

The plan is to use the money to help shift the Old Brewery Mission from a shelter, to a place that finds permanent solutions for homeless people.

Matthew Pearce, president and CEO of the mission dropped by Focus Montreal studios to share his vision.


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