‘Because it’s 2015’: Trudeau’s gender-equal cabinet makes headlines around world, social media

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s frank response to a question about his gender-equal cabinet made international headlines and lit up social media.

At Trudeau’s swearing-in ceremony on Wednesday, the prime minister was questioned on why he named 15 women and 15 men to his cabinet.

“Because it’s 2015,” Trudeau said.

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“Canadians elected extraordinary members of parliament from across the country and I am glad to have been able to highlight a few of them in this cabinet here with me today,” he added after a brief pause.

A gender-balanced cabinet was one of Trudeau’s campaign promises. Some of the prominent women filling up his cabinet include Chrystia Freeland, Jane Philpott and Carolyn Bennett to name a few.

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However, on Friday, a Liberal party source told Global News that five female members of the Liberal cabinet are actually ministers of state, considered more junior positions in federal cabinet that serve to assist full ministers. And they will make less money as a result.

Earlier this week, Trudeau’s response and cabinet made headlines around the world and lit up social media.

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“Justin Trudeau names Canada’s first equal cabinet with 15 men and 15 women ‘because it’s 2015,'” reads a headline in British newspaper The Telegraph.

“‘Because It’s 2015’: Canada’s Trudeau Sums Up His Gender-Equal Cabinet” a Newsweek headline reads.

“Canadian PM Justin Trudeau says cabinet is half women ‘because it’s 2015’” USA Today headline reads.

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Film star Emma Watson, who has appeared before the United Nations to talk about gender equality, called Trudeau’s comment the “coolest thing I’ve seen in a while.”

Here’s some of the reaction on social media.

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