Neville-Lake parents attend Muzzo court appearance

NEWMARKET — The parents of three children killed in a crash in Vaughan last month appeared in court in Newmarket on Monday to see the man accused of impaired driving causing their deaths.

Daniel, 9, Harrison, 5, Milly, 2, Neville-Lake and their grandfather, Gary Neville, 65, after the van they were in was T-boned by a SUV north of Toronto on Sept. 27.

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Marco Muzzo, 29, is facing a dozen impaired-driving offences and six more charges related to the dangerous operation of a motor vehicle in the collision. He appeared in court in a dress shirt and suit. Muzzo looked at Jennifer and Edward Neville-Lake as he entered the courtroom, and then sat down and kept his head bowed.

Muzzo’s lawyer Brian Greenspan asked the court to reschedule the hearing for Nov. 12.

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“The disclosure is ongoing. We’ve had an opportunity to review what we’ve received to date. Today we received four further discs relating to further disclosure, as a result, at our request, we’ve remanded the hearing to November 12th at which point there will be a video remand.”

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Jennifer Neville-Lake, who lost her children and her father, said she wanted to be in court to see Muzzo.

“I wanted to come and I wanted to see the man who’s allegedly the reason why I don’t have children anymore. We had three beautiful children.”

Neville-Lake says she and Edward have trust in the judicial system.

“The courts are doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing, we have full confidence in the judicial system and the police, because we have to.”

The family says they will attend future court appearances by Muzzo. As for the next court date, Nov. 12, Jennifer Neville-Lake said it will be a “special day” because it would have been her parents’ 38th wedding anniversary.