Calgarians help disabled teen wheel into a new world of freedom

CALGARY – Ta Hay Tha, 16, started enjoying a freedom of movement Monday that he has never experienced in his life.

Born without lower arms and legs, Tha’s family settled in Kimberley, B.C. after coming to Canada in 2008.

Originally members of persecuted hill tribes in Burma, they came to Calgary as refugees.

Tha has always been as active as he could be by kayaking and downhill skiing in Kimberley.

Now he is wheeling around in a specially-designed electric trike.

Bought by the War Amps, the trike was customized for Tha by Calgary members of the Tetra Society – a volunteer organization that builds equipment for disabled clients.

Fritz Peyerl is a retired mechanic who spent many hours on Tha’s trike.

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“We are lucky enough. We have two arms and two legs, and we can function,” said Peyerl.

“Some people can’t and we want to make their lives easier.”

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