Vandals destroy family’s ‘little free library’

CALGARY – A group of heartbroken kids are teaming up, trying to combat vandals and promote curbside literacy in their neighborhood.
The Pike family’s “little free library” was destroyed in a northwest Calgary community over the weekend.
An estimated one million books are shared annually across the world in curbside boxes like these, which look a little like large birdfeeders, with books inside. Those passing by are encouraged to take a book or, perhaps, leave one too.
There are over 170 of them in Calgary.
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This library, however, was ripped down and vandalized, with the books found strewn blocks away. All that was left on the curb was the post the library sat on.
It had been the work of two young brothers – Noah and Newin Pike – who not only built it, but put their own books in to share.
“It was some of our favourite books,” said four-year-old Noah.
Newin, 3, piped up too. “Ya!”
But the brothers  aren’t letting the vandals win.
“So we’re gonna work on a new one. We’re gonna try to put different bolts on it and different screws,” said Noah.
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Noah and Newin have a whole new selection of books ready to share.
Soon, they’ll be back in business, letting anyone in the neighborhood take a book, or leave a book.
“Another library makes me feel really happy.” 
To learn more about bringing a free little library to your curb, visit:

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