Are eyebrow extensions the next big beauty trend?

Would you ever try getting eyebrow extensions?. Photo by Vladimir Godnik / Mood Board / Rex Features

CALGARY – Drop your tweezers and step away from the wax! Big, bushy and bold eyebrows are once again fashionable – and you can even get extensions to help you achieve the look.

Eyebrow extensions are arguably one of the biggest beauty trends currently available, however, they aren’t exactly new. Canadian Lauren Spencer says she started providing them to clients about six years ago.

“I was doing lash extensions on a client and one of them had fallen onto her brows, and I was like, how cool would that be if we had eyebrow extensions,” said Spencer. “So then I talked to my manufacturers and we decided to make it happen.”

Spencer says her company, LashForever in Toronto, was one of the first companies in Canada to offer eyelash extensions, called HDiBrow Extensions.

“We created brow-like hairs with medical-grade adhesive that’s formulated to be close enough to the skin.”

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The service takes anywhere from an hour to 90 minutes to complete, and costs between $85 to $125. Once completed, the brow extensions will last a couple of weeks.

“It looks so real. You can’t tell the difference between HDiBrow Extensions and a natural hair.”

The adhesive can attach to existing hairs, or directly onto the skin. Because of this, it’s a viable option for women who have lost eyebrow hairs for medical reasons, like cancer treatments or alopecia.

“It’s great, because they can have brows again,” says Spencer. “We’ve had people tear up, because they can’t believe they look like they have eyebrows again.”

LashForever also offers HDi 3D embroidery eyebrows, a semi-permanent tattoo which lasts one to three years.

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“It’s like a form of permanent makeup, but we’re not going as deep into the skin as a regular permanent makeup machine would,” adds Spencer. “This is more of a permanent alternative.”

Articles on the booming popularity of eyebrow extensions have been popping up everywhere from Cosmopolitan and Allure Magazine to the Huffington Post and Buzzfeed.

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