WATCH: Manitoba jockey may never walk again after horse race accident

WATCH ABOVE: Jockey Alyssa Selman, riding Lord Jasmond in fourth, is seriously injured in sixth race Saturday night at Assiniboia Downs.

WINNIPEG — Jockey Alyssa Selman can’t feel most of her body and doctors say she might never walk again after she was injured during a horse race at Assiniboia Downs on Saturday.

Selman, 29, was racing Lord Jasmond in the sixth race at Assiniboia Downs Saturday when the horse fell and she was thrown forward over its head and off.

“People are still shocked, can’t believe it,” said her husband, Reumesh Selman, “it just happened in a blink of an eye, she can’t even recall what happened she doesn’t even remember getting on the horse before the race.”

Alyssa and her husband Reumesh, both are jockey’s at Assiniboia Downs.
Alyssa and her husband Reumesh, both are jockey’s at Assiniboia Downs. fami

Selman, who is also a jockey, said he witnessed the crash and ran to her aid on the track.

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“She was just moaning, screaming just in pain,” said Selman, “when the paramedics asked where she was feeling pain she says she’s not feeling anything.”

His wife has had successful surgery on her back, he said. She suffered a fractured spine at T5 and a fractured bone in her face.

“I’m just happy she’s alive,” said Selman, “I have her to hold and to see everyday.”

The horse is okay and Selman doesn’t blame anyone for what happened, calling it a freak accident.

“The horse Alyssa was on clipped heels with another horse, ” said Darren Dunn, Chief Executive Officer for the Assiniboia Downs, “caused the horse she was on to stumble and partly roll on her.”

Alyssa, a mother of two, has been racing since 2007 and lives near Carmen, Man.

“That’s her passion,” said Selman, “I can’t take it from her if she wants to ride again but I don’t think she’ll want to race.”

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Alyssa Selman is expected to be in hospital for a couple months, meantime, Assiniboia Downs will continue with their Canada Day races.

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