‘Tomorrowland’ opens in province where it was filmed

ABOVE: Vancouver had a red carpet screening of the film Tomorrowland, which was made in B.C. just as the province’s film industry was getting back on its feet. Asa Rehman reports.

TORONTO — Making your mark as a bit player in an eye-popping, effects-laden Disney movie featuring George Clooney is no easy feat.

But that’s what Montreal-born actor Matthew MacCaull set out to do with his brief appearance in the futuristic Tomorrowland, a kid-friendly adventure tale drawing on both the name and wondrous spirit of the otherworldly theme park.

Britt Robertson stars as a brilliant teen who finds a pin that transports her momentarily to what seems to be the future. When she’s zapped back to the present day she enlists the help of Clooney’s character, a former boy genius named Frank Walker, in her bid to find this parallel world again.

MacCaull’s character Dave Clark is a mysterious figure intent on protecting the secrets of Tomorrowland. He doesn’t get much screen time, but MacCaull saw an opportunity to stand out nonetheless.

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“I thought that he could be a really memorable character and I thought if I do my work right, he might be even an iconic character,” MacCaull says during a round of interviews in Toronto.

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“The answer was: Do as much work as you can. If you wake up in the middle of the night and you have an idea, get out of bed and work on it, don’t wait. Just work on it right now. So there were definitely a couple of sleepless nights.”

MacCaull was one of many people in Vancouver on Thursday night for a red carpet opening of the film in the city where it was primarily shot. The event was a celebration of the film – but also a celebration of a rebound of the film industry in the province.

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“B.C. has such an amazing opportunity to grow this industry sector,” says Greg Kyllo, the BC Jobs Plan Parliamentary Secretary.

“The optimism is absolutely fantastic.”

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