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WATCH: ‘We Love You, Toronto!’ category featured on ‘Jeopardy’


ABOVE: Watch contestants take on clues about Toronto on an episode of Jeopardy.

TORONTO — What is the Maple Leaf?

This was the correct answer (in the form of a question, of course) for the $800 clue on Tuesday’s episode of Jeopardy.

It was the only clue in a category titled “We Love You, Toronto!” that stumped the three contestants.

“Flag down this apt 2-word name of Amtrak’s route that starts in New York City & ends in Toronto,” read host Alex Trebek.

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The remaining five clues were no challenge for the contestants — and presumably not for Trebek, who was born in Sudbury and attended schools in Ottawa and Toronto.

Last year, an episode of Jeopardy featured a category named “Scandal” and this clue: “In 2013 Rob Ford, mayor of this 4th largest city in N. America, first said he smoked weed, not crack…then yes, ok, crack, too.”

A contestant who correctly answered “What is Toronto?” collected $800.

How would you have done with Tuesday’s Jeopardy clues about Toronto? (We’ve already revealed the $800 question.) If you’re stumped on any of the others, the answers follow.

($200) Nearly 1 in 10 Canadians live in the city, capital of this province.

($400) At Yonge & Front Streets you can pose with the cup at the Hall of Fame for this sport.

($600) It’s not winter all year — Torontonians enjoy these areas & one at Hanlan’s Point is even clothing-optional.

($800) Flag down this apt 2-word name of Amtrak’s route that starts in New York City & ends in Toronto.

($1000) Until 1992 there was a ban on Toronto stores opening on this day — we’re not talking just once a year.

ANSWERS: $200 – What is Ontario?; $400 – What is hockey?; $600 – What’s a beach?; $800 – What is the Maple Leaf?; $1,000 – What is Sunday?

Now, test your Toronto trivia knowledge with these clues that were not used on Jeopardy. (Sorry, no cash prizes available.)

1 – They didn’t yet have a million dollars when they were banned from performing outside City Hall in 1992.

2 – A refuge from the city’s cold winters, it is the biggest of its kind in North America.

3 – The city hasn’t had a parade with this 15.5-kilogram item since 1967.

4 – The city is home to this, which at 78 floors is the tallest residential tower in Canada.

5 – This British Army Officer designated the city, then known by locals as York, the capital of Upper Canada.

ANSWERS: 1 – What are Barenaked Ladies?; 2 – What is the PATH?; 3 – What is the Stanley Cup? 4 – What is Aura at College Park? 5 – Who is John Graves Simcoe?

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