City of Vancouver asks local craft brewers to use less water

WATCH: The boom in craft beer breweries is creating an unexpected problem for the City of Vancouver. The city says the breweries play a big part in a 10 per cent increase in water consumption last year. And so the City wants them to cut back. John Hua reports.

From brewing to bottling, the brewing process uses a lot of water and the City of Vancouver wants local craft brewers to cut back.

With the craft brewing industry growing rapidly in Vancouver, the City wants the burgeoning industry to curb water consumption, saying breweries are among those tapping into a 10 per cent increase in commercial use.

In a statement, Vancouver’s Water Division writes:

“While some consumption increases of late can be attributed to thriving business, through consultation with industry representatives, we see there are opportunities for better water efficiency.”

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But local brewers say that’s easier said than done.

According to Parallel 49, it takes seven pints of water to make a pint of brew. And they’re running out of ways to cut down on H20.

With every batch of beer, a large centrifuge has to be flushed out, using 200 litres of water. Brewers say if that’s not done it affects the taste of the beer.

On top of that, Metro Vancouver also wants to crack down on how much solid waste small brewers flush down the drain, looking to craft a new bylaw and add some fees.

That could leave breweries with added costs, which may get passed on to consumers.

-with files from John Hua

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