Vernon man who killed his friend — released

In August 2010, Kenneth Barter,38, killed and dismembered Nathan Mayrhofer,32, in Barter's downtown Vernon apartment.

VERNON — After more than four years locked up in a secure psychiatric institution, a Vernon man who killed his friend with a hammer has been released under several conditions.

In August 2010, Kenneth Barter, 38, killed and dismembered Nathan Mayrhofer, 32, in Barter’s downtown Vernon apartment.  Barter, a schizophrenic, was under the illusion his friend was a threat to his father.

He was charged with second-degree murder but found not criminally responsible because of a delusional mental disorder.

After being treated for schizophrenia, the B.C. Review Board has ruled it’s now safe for Barter to be released into the community.

However, he can’t possess any weapons, must not use drugs or alcohol and have no contact with the victim’s family.

Nathan Mayrhofer
Nathan Mayrhofer.


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