Snorting chocolate comes to Canada at Vancouver candy shop

WATCH:  Isn’t it good to know you now have another option to consume chocolate? All you need is a little plastic catapult and a desire to try something new.  Catherine Urquhart introduces us to the emerging culinary fad of “snorting” chocolate.

VANCOUVER – “Everybody loves snorting chocolate,” says Mary Jean Dunsdon (also known as Watermelon), owner of the Licorice Parlour on Commercial Drive in Vancouver.

“It’s for everybody.”

Dunsdon is the only store in Canada to offer the product so far and only discovered it on a recent trip to Belgium.

Snorting chocolate may be new to Canada, but it’s been around in Belgium for years. Confectioner Dominique Persoone developed the idea when he was asked to cater a birthday party for a member of The Rolling Stones, Ronnie Wood. “It started out as a joke,” says Dunsdon.

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Persoone has since created a mini catapult to shoot the chocolate into the person’s nose and Dunsdon brought back nine to her store in Vancouver this past November.

For $2 a ‘hit’ anyone can try snorting the chocolate, which is a very fine, high-quality cocoa. “It comes in two flavours, cocoa-raspberry and cocoa-ginger,” says Dunsdon. “It’s a really small amount, it’s not even an eighth of a teaspoon.”

She says when you snort chocolate it can be a very satisfying experience. “You experience chocolate for a couple of hours,” she says. “It’s very subtle and you’re not going to be irritated by it.”

“A lot of people have suggested it’s cleared their sinuses.”

Dunsdon supplies the catapults for patrons, or you can take home your own in a kit, along with your own snorting chocolate.

“I’ve had no complaints so far,” she says. “The reaction has been superb.”

To find out more information, check out the Licorice Parlour on Facebook.

WATCH: Persoone demonstrates the snorting chocolate catapult:

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