Bif Naked donates proceeds from new single to AIDS Vancouver

Bif Naked
Bif Naked. Global News

VANCOUVER – World AIDS Day is Monday, Dec. 1 and one local artist is dedicating the proceeds from her new single to help a local charity in the fight against AIDS.

Bif Naked is a big supporter of AIDS Vancouver.

“With AIDS¬†Vancouver being a local, amazing organization, it was the first AIDS organization in Canada, I donated my single, my new single, to AIDS Vancouver for World AIDS Day,” she says.

The single is called Intellectual and all the proceeds go to the charity.

Bif Naked says AIDS Vancouver provides so much support and help to those living with AIDS in the community.

“People are living longer with HIV, they’re not dying as much from AIDS,” she says. “That’s in North America, that’s not the rest of the world of course, so I think it fell off the radar a little bit. It’s important to you know, rally the troops and get everyone behind World AIDS Day so that we do remember that there is a segment of the population that is very vulnerable.”

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On Dec. 16 AIDS Vancouver will also be providing groceries for people living with HIV and AIDS and donations can be made to the cause through the website.

To download Bif Naked’s new single go to iTunes.


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