Evangeline Lilly challenges Stephen Harper on climate change

Evangeline Lilly, pictured in July 2014. Joe Scarnici / Getty Images

TORONTO — Actress Evangeline Lilly has a bone to pick with the Harper government.

The star of TV’s Lost and the final two chapters of The Hobbit trilogy wants her native Canada to play a bigger role in addressing climate change.

“As a Canadian, one of the things that is harrowing to me is watching the degradation of Canadian ethics when it comes to the environment,” Lilly told Fashion.

In an interview published in the Winter 2015 issue, the Alberta-born star said she was disappointed that prime minister Stephen Harper chose not to attend the UN Climate Summit in New York in September.

“It’s so much better to get in bed with people you have a hard time with rather than just step away,” Lilly said.

The 35-year-old actress said she reached out to Australian climate change activist Tim Flannery after reading his 2005 book The Weather Makers.

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“I asked him if he could help me not sound like an idiot when I started talking about climate change,” Lilly said. “I’m not an expert or a scientist, but I’m determined to do something.”

Lilly has her own reasons for protecting the environment — she’s the mother of three-year-old son Kahekili with partner Norman Kali.

The couple wants to add five children to the family, Lilly told Fashion.

“I’d consider adoption as an alternative to having all six of them myself,” she said. “When I hear the word ‘Women should be barefoot and pregnant and in the kitchen,’ I think, ‘What. A. Dream.’ There are no negative connotations to it.”

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