Garbage piling up around charity bins on Vancouver’s streets

VANCOUVER – There is a growing mess on the sidewalks in Vancouver.

Charity bins are overflowing with donated goods and while some of the items are gently used, others are just plain junk.

It appears some people around Vancouver are using these donation bins as a dumping ground to avoid costs at the landfill or having a company collect from their house, which can cost money.

However, charities will end up paying the cost of taking the garbage to the landfill, which is a minimum fee of $20 up to 185 kg. Mattresses, futons and box springs are $15 each to recycle.

“It’s part of the business,” said Matthew Busto from Green Inspiration BC. “We want to make sure the public stays happy with the bins out there, we appreciate all the clothes that we get and to have garbage ruin that, we would rather keep it clean and keep everyone happy than just ignore it and leave it there.

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Last year, the City of Vancouver received 175 complaints about garbage around donation bins.

There are currently no permits required for bins in the city and in an emailed statement they told Global News:

The City will contact the company first and ask them to clean up around their boxes. If this is not done in a timely manner city crews will be asked to pick up around the area.

If the garbage is clearly associated to a particular box they will pass along the cost of the disposal.

– With files from Asa Rehman

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