WATCH: TV anchor interviews Wiig, Hader about wrong movie

TORONTO — A TV news anchor in Denver, Colorado was humiliated during an interview with Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader when it became clear he hadn’t seen their film The Skeleton Twins.

“I was up in Toronto for the film festival and it was the talk of the festival,” KWGN host Chris Parente declared before introducing the two stars, who were appearing via satellite from Los Angeles.

About a minute later, Parente again gushed that “in Toronto it was the talk of the festival.”

Problem is, The Skeleton Twins wasn’t screened at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

As if that wasn’t enough, Parente asked Wiig: “Kristen, I am thinking, on this program, of doing the news completely full-frontal, completely nude. Do you recommend that? Do you have advice for going nude?”

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Clearly startled, Wiig informed the anchor she doesn’t appear nude in The Skeleton Twins.

“Not this film,” she said. “That’s a different movie.”

Parente was referring to Wiig’s Welcome to Me, which did screen at TIFF.

Cracking up, Wiig and Hader decided not to let their interviewer off the hook.

“Did you see this film? Chris? Chriiiiiis?,” Hader asked.

“Trust me, I will be seeing it when it  opens in Denver,” Parente promised. “My face is red.”

Wiig summed up the segment perfectly. “This was great.”

Video of the awkward Sept. 25 interview quickly went viral, prompting Parente to tweet: “God I will NEVER live it down!”

In The Skeleton Twins, Wiig and Hader play estranged twins who try to repair their relationship. The film is now playing in limited release.