WATCH: Weird Al video for ‘Tacky’ parodies ‘Happy’ with help from celebs

Weird Al Yancovic in the video for "Tacky.". Courtesy

TORONTO — Weird Al Yankovic has wrangled some celebrities for his spoof of the Pharrell Williams‘ hit “Happy”.

Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet, The Talk‘s Aisha Tyler, comedian Margaret Cho and actors Jack Black and Kristen Schaal take turns lip-synching in the video for “Tacky.”

Yankovic, 54, changed the lyrics of the infectious pop song to poke fun at people who Instagram their meals, wear socks with sandals, use coupons on dates, and drop names.

“Bring me shame! Can’t nothin’ bring me shame,” he sings in the bridge.

The video was shot in one continuously take at the Palace Theatre in Los Angeles.

The parody is featured on Yankovic’s Mandatory Fun album, which comes out Tuesday.

The singer also takes on Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines,” Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy,” Lorde’s “Royals, and ” Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive.”

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Yankovic recently told NPR he gets permission from the original artists before he parodies their songs.

“I could get away with not getting permission, but I’ve never wanted to get away with that,” he explained. “It’s more taking the high road to make sure the artist feels like they’re in on the joke. I want them to know that it is in fact an homage, it’s a tribute.”

Of course, the album also features a polka medley of hits by Miley Cyrus, One Direction, Britney Spears and Canada’s Carly Rae Jepsen.

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