WATCH: Weird Al teaches grammar in ‘Blurred Lines’ spoof ‘Word Crimes’

Weird Al Yankovic's new video is for the song 'Word Crimes.'.

TORONTO — Weird Al Yankovic is schooling the world on spelling and grammar in the just-released video for his parody of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.”

“Okay now here’s the deal / I’ll try to educate ya / Gonna familiarize you with the nomenclature / You’ll learn the definitions of nouns and prepositions / Literacy’s your mission,” he sings in “Word Crimes.”

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The video is the second one released by Yankovic this week for a song off his new album Mandatory Fun.

Yankovic, who doesn’t appear in the “Word Crimes” video — except briefly in cartoon form — urges listeners to hire “some cunning linguist to help you distinguish what is proper English.”

BELOW: Watch the video for “Word Crimes.”


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