July 4, 2014 12:30 pm
Updated: July 4, 2014 1:28 pm

Anti-Ford shirtless jogger inspires #shirtlesshorde


WATCH: Inspired by Toronto teacher Joe Killoran – otherwise known as the “Shirtless Jogger” – a group of Toronto citizens gathered sans-shirts outside the Newstalk 1010 studios Friday morning to confront Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

TORONTO – Scarborough businessman John Furr insists it’s time for Torontonians to stand up against Rob Ford by using the example of the “Shirtless Jogger” as a launching pad to inspire the masses.

“People have grown so frustrated and it’s finally Joe Killoran on the weekend who showed us that it’s OK to speak out,” Furr said during an interview on The Morning Show.

Furr organized a shirtless protest of his own Friday morning in downtown Toronto where the mayor took part in a radio interview.

“Rob is not influenced by anything that happens in city hall. He’s influenced by the people outside,” Furr said.

“Doug says he’s a rock star, where ever he goes. No. It’s time to show him you’re not a rock star. You’re not appropriate, leave.”

Furr’s shirtless protest was derived from an incident on Canada Day when Killoran, a Toronto area teacher, heckled Ford while jogging along a parade route the mayor was taking part in.

WATCH: “Shirtless jogger” Joe Killoran heckles Rob Ford on Canada Day

“This is hopefully to build on what Joe did and say, ‘Hey, normal people speak out. You’re not a bad apple,’” said Furr.

Killoran’s confrontation drew praise from the Twitterverse with the hashtag #shirtlessjogger quickly becoming a trending topic.

Ford’s brother Doug said earlier this week that the Toronto teacher is a “bad apple” and “indoctrinating” his pupils about “hatred towards one person in politics.”

WATCH: Doug Ford questions Killoran’s reputation as a teacher and his motives for confronting his brother Rob on Tuesday

Meanwhile, anger still persists against the mayor for refusing to answer questions from the media following his return from rehab.

“It’s become apparent over the last 14 months, that the mayor is allowing his judgement to be clouded even after rehab,” Furr said.

“You don’t have to polite anymore. In fact, it’s impolite not to speak out and it’s time for everybody to stand up and say, ‘Hey, we’ve had enough.’”

Recap of Rob Ford Interview On Newstalk 1010


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