‘Mr. Big’ sting led to confession from Hales: police

An undercover RCMP sergeant explains the sting operation that took place in 2008 against Douglas Hales and his confession to the murder of Daleen Bosse. Devin Sauer / Global News

SASKATOON – There was explosive testimony at the murder trial of Douglas Hales on Wednesday from an undercover RCMP sergeant who devised a “Mr. Big” sting operation.

Hales is accused of killing Daleen Bosse, 25, who went missing in May 2004.

During testimony, the undercover RCMP sergeant outlined 35 scenarios or points of contact with Hales during the more than three month sting in 2008.

As the operator of the sting, the sergeant would plan the scenarios as far as a week in advance or overnight as to what next steps would be with Hales and was sitting a few miles or within a city block to monitor the progress and interactions between the undercover agent and Hales.

The names of the RCMP sergeant and the undercover officer are protected by a publication ban.

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The undercover agent who had direct contact with Hales would have known in advance as to what he was suspected of and that Bosse was missing. No details of the murder however would be given to the agent since officers want that information to come straight from the suspect.

The sting, named “Project Friend,” was launched on May 6, 2008.

Posing as a car repo man, the undercover officer approached the Hales’ home in White Fox, hoping to receive some assistance from either Hales or his common-in-law wife.

His wife wouldn’t assist the officer and gave them the impression she maybe the “Alpha dog” in the relationship.

“The girlfriend or wife often throw a wrench in a sting so we try to keep the significant other happy so they don’t interfere,” said the sergeant.

The undercover officer returned the next day, having left the picture of the vehicle he was looking for and would make contact with Hales.

Hales started working with the undercover officer repossessing vehicles and according to the Sgt. the sting was going according to plan as they integrated him into their fictitious criminal organization.

Activities that involved delivering packages filled supposedly counterfeit credit cards, firearms and diamonds. The road trips would also be an opportunity for the undercover officer to bond with Hales.

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During one scenario, $30,000 exchanged hands between two undercover officers in front of Hales to show how successful the “criminal organization” really was.

Out of province trips would start to be introduced so more bonding time could take place between the undercover agent and Hales. The objective would also be to show Hales that the crime ring was expanding to other parts of the country.

Fast forward to early August 2008 when Hales was told they had a meeting with “The Boss.”

All those present at the time would leave except for “The Boss” and Hales, who would be asked about the disappearance of Bosse.

During the 47 minutes discussion, Hales told “The Boss” he went with Bosse in her car to a remote area and that “the evening didn’t go as he was hoping it would,” so he killed her and burned her body.

The entire conversation was audio and video recorded. Hales would  also show the undercover officers where Bosse’s remains could be found.

On Aug. 10, 2008 Hales, was arrested in a parking lot in the 700-block of Circle Drive East and charged with first-degree murder.

During cross-examination, defence lawyer Bob Hrycan asked the undercover RCMP sergeant if the purpose of the sting was to seek the truth.

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“After telling hundreds, thousands of lies directed at Mr. Hales, you arrived at the truth?” asked Hrycan.

The undercover sergeant testified that an environment was established to make it comfortable for Hales to talk about his involvement in Bosse’s disappearance, if he had any involvement at all.

Cross-examination continues on Thursday.