Manitoba ice cream maker Cornell Creme scoops student help

WINNIPEG — Whether your favourite flavour is vanilla, strawberry or even beer, Cornell Creme has a scoop for everyone.

The locally made ice cream started by chance just over a year ago, when owner Lisa Dyck was given an ice cream maker as a gift from her family, and the product has been flying off the shelves ever since.

“To this day I’m still amazed at how it all started,” said Dyck.

Once a local chef gave the tasty treat his stamp of approval, Dyck moved the production out of her home kitchen and started thinking bigger.

Dyck and her husband are second-generation dairy farmers. Cornell Dairy is located just outside of Anola, Man.

The milk and cream come from Dyck’s own cows. She transports the ingredients to the University of Manitoba for processing.

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There are just five ingredients which make up each flavour of Cornell Creme: sugar, cream, milk, egg yolk and the flavour (red wine, malty ale and honey mustard, to name a few).

“She is able to control what goes in her milk and what exactly is going into her ice cream mix, which makes that unique,” said John Thoroski, the dairy manager at the University of Manitoba.

While working at the agricultural lab space at the University of Manitoba, Dyck has formed a special relationship with the students, who volunteer with the company each week.

“We give them the opportunity to volunteer and then they get a little bit of experience working on a small production line,” said Thoroski.  “So they can use this to help them in their employment afterwards, and they can actually figure out if they like doing it or not.”

One of the first student volunteers is now a full-time employee.

Cornell Creme can now be found in a number of stores and is also a dessert staple in a few local restaurants.

With small batches and high standards, many Manitobans have fallen in love with Cornell Creme’s premium product.

Quirky flavours for discerning palates

Some of the flavours Cornell Creme has created could be described as quirky.

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Here’s a sampling of their flavours. Not all are available commercially:

  • Natural vanilla bean
  • Raspberry white chocolate
  • Lemon meringue
  • Velvety chocolate truffle
  • Malty ale pail
  • Black sesame seed
  • Strawberry and cream
  • Blueberry lavender dream
  • Red wine
  • Honey mustard
  • Pistachio almond mint

For more information about Cornell Creme, visit their website.

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