WATCH: Cobain, Lennon among ‘dead’ celebs living in paradise

TORONTO — Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon and Elvis Presley are alive and secretly living on a remote tropical island.

At least that’s the premise of a new TV commercial for Bavaria Radler, a Dutch beer.

In the ad, posted on YouTube this week, Monroe is seen applying sunscreen to Tupac Shakur while Lennon is hanging out with Kurt Cobain.

They all race into action when Bruce Lee spots a ship and sounds the alarm.

The celebrities quickly hide the amenities on their secret island to throw off the ship’s crew — even though a corpulent King almost spoils the ruse.

If Monroe was, indeed, still alive, she would be 87. Lennon would be 73, Presley would be 79, Shakur would be 42, Cobain would be 47 and Lee would be 73.

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