Saskatoon school board vote to change Redmen team name, logo

Watch the video above: School board votes in favour of changing Redmen team name, logo

SASKATOON – The Saskatoon Public School board trustee members were torn, but when the voting was all said and done, it voted in favour of changing the ‘Redmen’ name and logo for Bedford Road Collegiate, 8 votes to 2.

It was a packed house, with standing room only for the decision.

A number of speakers for the change and a number against took to the podium to express their thoughts Tuesday night before voting began.

Eight of the 10 board members voted in favor of passing the motion.

The Bedford Road Collegiate ‘Redmen’ has been a staple since 1923 when the football team wore all red uniforms.

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The First Nations Indian head logo wasn’t introduced until the 1960’s.

The board had been under pressure to change the controversial name for the past two years.

“I think it’s very progressive for the future for changing other names and making sure aboriginal people have a voice in Canada,” said Logan Martin-Arcand.

“Personally I feel it’s a victory for fear, I think as long as we care about this stuff we will keep being divided over this, this is going to create division,” said Adam Lacoursiere.

Now that the motion has been passed, the school will need to choose and implement a new team name and logo by September.

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