Minimum wage, workers’ compensation coming to B.C. ride-hail, app delivery workers

Click to play video: 'New minimum wage for B.C. gig workers'
New minimum wage for B.C. gig workers
The BC government has announced a new minimum wage and workers' compensation for app-based ride-hailing and food delivery workers. As Troy Charles reports, there are concerns over its potential impacts – Jun 13, 2024

App-based ride-hailing and food delivery workers in B.C. will soon be covered by minimum wage measures and workers’ compensation.

The province has completed new regulations covering the so-called “gig work” sector, which will take effect on Sept. 3.

The new regulations will set a minimum wage for “engaged time” along with a minimum per-kilometre vehicle allowance to compensate workers for expenses.

The minimum wage of $20.88 will only apply to periods when a worker has accepted an assignment and not to downtime between jobs.

The regulations will also bring app-based workers under the purview of WorkSafeBC.

Click to play video: 'Gig drivers protest deteriorating working conditions in B.C.'
Gig drivers protest deteriorating working conditions in B.C.

Companies will be required to let workers see the locations and pay estimates for individual jobs before they accept them through the app, and will be legally required to ensure workers get 100 per cent of tips.

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And the regulations will require companies to tell workers why they have been suspended or deactivated from a platform. Workers who are cut off without cause must be given notice or compensation.

The new rules will cover people working through third-party apps like Uber, Lyft and DoorDash, but won’t cover other types of gig workers such as freelance writers, musicians or dog walkers.

The province estimates there are about 11,000 ride-hailing workers and 35,000 delivery workers in B.C.

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